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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Best in Performing Arts

Two Flatwater Shakespeare Company productions made the Lincoln Journal Star's Top Ten list for 2006! Here's what Jeff Korbelik had to say about each of them --

The Comedy of Errors: "Flatwater is producing some of the best theater in Lincoln right now. This Shakespeare comedy was one of its best efforts to date. It was tight, flawlessly acted, and funny. Extremely funny."

Macbeth: "I've been a fan of local Equity actor George Hansen's work for a while. His performance in this Shakespeare classic was mesmerizing."

And Flatwater performers gained accolades for some of their other work, as well. Melissa Lewis (our Lady Macbeth) was placed in the Best-of List for her ability to "channel" Janis Joplin in TADA's version of Beehive. In addition, Melissa was a vital part of the Nebraska Repertory Theatre's Omnium Gatherum, which was praised for its "brilliant ensemble cast" (headed by Judy Hart, by the way, who will collaborate with us on 2007's Nick's Dream). Matt Lukasiewicz (our Malcolm in Macbeth and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet) won Top Ten notice for his "raw, emotional turn" in Adam Rapp's Nocturne (which also featured the work of Summer Widhalm, our English Doctor in Macbeth).

Many thanks to all our actors and artists and volunteers -- and to all our supporters -- for a wonderful year.


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