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Monday, October 14, 2019

Looking Back at *Macbeth*

Macbeth was a ride and a half! We are so grateful to our friends in Lincoln, Southeast Nebraska, and South Central Nebraska for their support and their comments:

Bravo and Big Thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat and scaring me as well! This show was incredible.

We're still talking about that closing performance last night. Amazing show, direction, performances, costumes, etc. Wow! Just WOW!! Thank you for all the hard work and for totally owning that Scottish play!

Congratulations to all the cast and crew of the FSC for a truly excellent run!

It was an AMAZING show! Loved seeing the strong character arcs of Lord and Lady Macbeth and how they quickly descended into madness. The fight choreography was really good, too.

Splendid performances by all.

The twists and turns of the story keep your attention from beginning to end. Flatwater Shakespeare brings the Bard alive once again, with talent and bravado. Even a non-Shakespeare-fan or -follower would like this performance, and better yet, understand it. 

For eloquent speeches and committed roles, these actors deliver and more -- BRAVO!!!

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR 2020 SEASON, including auditions starting in January!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Final Weekend for Macbeth!

Thursday through Sunday, October 10-13, are the last performances of our 2019 Macbeth, directed by Bob Hall and Emily Ernst. The venue is the Swan Theatre in the Stables at Wyuka, 3600 "O" Street in Lincoln -- and show time is 7:30 p.m.

One longtime friend of the company has already experienced the show twice. Here's what she had to say:

"We saw Flatwater Shakespeare's Macbeth again tonight, and again it was remarkable. Watching Matt and Summer Lukasiewicz play the title couple reminds me once again how many facets there are to madness. Matt's descent into madness is kinetic, blustering, and crushing, while Summer's begins bold and ruthless and degenerates into whimpering, heart-wrenching regret. The entire cast and crew are to be congratulated for bringing one of Shakespeare's best to searing, bloody life."

Another friend reacted just as enthusiastically:

"THAT WAS AWESOME! I assumed the show was going to be good because of the folks involved, and it has been getting good reports, but it exceeded expectations.

"AND, the Flatwater Shakespeare Company says we never 'sell out' at Wyuka because we can always jam more chairs in, but several times we said 'we cannot go past this number' and folks kept showing up!! That makes me so excited for the future of the company and the upcoming 2020 season.

"AND AND not only was it good theater, but it was a really delightfully autumnal experience. Crisp October air. Wrapped in shawls and scarves. In a cemetery. Watching a show with a lot of murder. Much more my speed than a haunted house, honestly.

"AND AND AND, it was awesome to see Summer Lukasiewicz act! I respect her deeply for the work she does as Flatwater Shakespeare's Executive Director, but I haven't had a chance to see her on stage before."

Friday, September 13, 2019

Macbeth at Wyuka!

“Something wicked this way comes” to the Stables at Wyuka. The Flatwater Shakespeare Company presents William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth under the direction of Founding Artistic Director Bob Hall. Performances will be in the open-air Swan Theatre, 3600 O Street in Lincoln, September 26-29, October 3-6, and October 10-13. Show time is 7:30 p.m. Visit flatwatershakespearecompany.org for tickets and further information.

What are people capable of doing when they pursue the dream of absolute power? Macbeth and Lady Macbeth enjoy one of Scotland's premier marriages. He is an honored lord and feared warrior. She is an intelligent, ambitious noblewoman. After Macbeth wins a battle on behalf of King Duncan, three witches tell Macbeth that he is destined to be king. Lady Macbeth urges him to make the prophecy come true, even if it means murder. Their plan succeeds, but as Macbeth tries to secure his place on the throne, he orders the deaths of friends, presumed enemies, and their families. His tyranny inspires a rebellion, and he seeks reassurance from the witches. As he and Lady Macbeth drift apart, she is consumed by the guilt he suppresses.

Director Bob Hall and Associate Director Emily Ernst have assembled a powerful cast for the production. Macbeth is played by Matthew Lukasiewicz, who was electric in the lead role of Flatwater Shakespeare's 2015 staging of Hamlet. Lady Macbeth is played by Summer Lukasiewicz, the company's Executive Director, who appeared in the 2017 production of The Weir. Keith Ghormley appears as King Duncan, with Scott Shomaker as his heir, Malcolm. Thomas Hinshaw plays Macduff, who becomes Macbeth's chief adversary, and Emily Ernst appears as Lady Macduff. Clay Stevens is Banquo, the friend that Macbeth betrays. Meghan Arenz, Cecilia Burkhart, and Paula Ray are the witches whose prophecies lead to Macbeth's doom. Other performers include Flatwater Shakespeare veterans Matthew Bejjani, Stephen Buhler, Luke Glassman, Reed Westerhoff, and Jean-Paul Zuhur. Joining the company for this show are Alexandria Hamilton and Zach Stevens.

Kat Cover is costume designer and properties master. Anthony Slattery is scenic designer and technical director. Kellen Voss is sound designer. John Marinovich is fight choreographer. Stephen Buhler is dramaturg. Michelle Zinke and Katie Hoppe are stage managers. Linda Zinke is box office manager.

The performance on Friday, October 11, will be interpreted in American Sign Language. There will also be a special preview night on Wednesday, September 25. “MacB's Bloody Mary Bar,” catered by The Mill, features Bloody Marys and other show-suitable drinks such as Scotch whiskies and Scotch ales, a sneak peek at FSC's 2020 season, and a performance of the play. For details and to purchase tickets for this event, visit flatwatershakespearecompany.com.

Flatwater Shakespeare is a not-for-profit theatre company, dedicated to the principle that Shakespeare Is For Everyone. Along with providing innovative educational programs, the Company brings audiences the richness of the works of William Shakespeare as they were meant to be experienced – played out by a dynamic ensemble of performers on stage.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FAQ for *The Two Gentlemen of Verona* in Lincoln Parks

Flatwater FREE Shakespeare Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Tour 2019–The Two Gentlemen of Verona

What Is Your Inclement Weather Policy?
It is our desire to complete every performance, and we will make every effort to start, continue, and finish each show through light rainfall or breezy conditions.

If the weather deteriorates suddenly, however, we may delay the start of the show, or the completion of the show, in the hope that things clear. Announcements will be made informing audience members of such "holds." We may also pause to take precautions to ensure the safety and health of the performers and crew (such as drying off the rubber mats that serve as our stage).

If heavier rains are predicted, shows will be moved to an indoor location. To find out if a show is taking place at an alternate venue, please check our Facebook page.

The inclement weather location for Thursday (Belmont Park) and Saturday (Cooper Park) is Turbine Flats, 2124 Y Street.

The inclement weather location for Friday (Trago Park) and Sunday (Havelock Park) is the Haymarket Theatre, 803 Q Street.

Do I Need a Reservation?

No reservations are needed. However, audience members are strongly encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before the performance time (7 p.m.) in order to have good seats or places. This is particularly true if you plan on using a blanket, as space is limited. This is also true if you want to enjoy some free Ivanna Cone ice cream, which will be served before the show.

Is There a Cost to Attend?

No! Flatwater Shakespeare Company offers the summer touring production FREE of charge. A $10 donation for each adult is recommended for those who can afford it, but everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not you can make a contribution.

Good Will Donations in all amounts are greatly appreciated as we continue our tradition of producing Good Will Shakespeare productions.

When Do Shows Start and How Long Do They Run?

Performances begin at 7:00 p.m. and run 75 minutes, without intermission.

Is the Show “Family Friendly?”

An informal park setting is perfect for families to try a taste of the Bard's wonderful characters, exciting action, and brilliant language. This lively and engaging production features music and dance, along with an actor portraying Crab, a dog. Previous audiences have included everyone from babies to people in their 80s, people of wide-ranging backgrounds, people with disabilities, and even some pets.  

You Mean Pets Are Allowed?

Furry family members are welcome to attend a performance with you! We request that dogs be kept on a leash. Pet owners must clean up after their critters.

Are the Locations Accessible?

All park locations should be accessible for most mobility considerations; however, there may be uneven ground in some areas and limited parking options.

If you have a specific need, please contact Flatwater Shakespeare Company at 402-319-2895. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Are Restroom Facilities Available?

Yes! All locations will have either restrooms or port-a-potties.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Chair or Blanket?

A limited number of chairs will be available. Audience members are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets for the performances.

May I Bring Food and Beverages?

Audience members are welcome to bring in snacks, even a picnic supper, for you and your family. In all cases, we ask that trash items are disposed of after the show so that we leave the performance locations in good condition.

Please note that alcoholic beverages cannot be brought to any of the park locations.

Will Concessions Be Available?

Again, there will be FREE ICE CREAM before the show! Ivanna Cone is again creating a new ice cream flavor exclusively for our summer touring production.

What Are the Dates, Times, and Locations?

June 20, 7 p.m., Belmont Park, N. 12th and Judson Streets, Lincoln
June 21, 7 p.m., Trago Park, N. 22nd and U Streets, Lincoln
June 22, 7 p.m., Cooper Park, S. 8th and D Streets, Lincoln
June 23, 7 p.m., Havelock Park, N. 63rd and Ballard Streets, Lincoln

Photo: Luke Glassman as Valentine and Maria Rutledge as Sylvia in Flatwater Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Photo Credit: John Nollendorfs

Thursday, June 06, 2019

*The Two Gentlemen of Verona* Opens!

It's here! It's Opening Night! It's Summertime Shakespeare!

It's Flatwater Shakespeare's *The Two Gentlemen of Verona*!

June 6-9 & 13-16, 7 p.m. @ The Swan Theatre in The Stables at Wyuka -- 3600 O Street, Lincoln

Final Weekend is Flatwater FREE Shakespeare (all shows 7 p.m.):

June 20 @ Belmont Park -- 12th & Judson
June 21 @ Trago Park -- 22nd & U
June 22 @ Cooper Park -- 8th & D
June 23 @ Havelock Park -- 63rd & Ballard

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May 30 Is Give to Lincoln Day 2019!

50 Hours and Counting Down! Give to Lincoln Day 2019 wraps up at midnight Thursday. You can donate now online or visit us at Tower Square (13th and P Streets) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday. Follow the link to see the kinds of programs and productions Flatwater Shakespeare brings to our community (you can also make a contribution there, too).


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Glenda Jackson, Learning as Lear

Another great conversation from the Folger's Shakespeare Unlimited podcast series.

Highlights include the impact of working with director Peter Brook and of years in public service as a Member of Parliament.

Fun fact (not in the podcast): appearing as both Cordelia and the Fool in the current production of King Lear starring Glenda Jackson is Ruth Wilson, perhaps best known as Alice in Luther (and she's back for Season 4).