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Monday, July 06, 2015

Looking Back at Flatwater Free Shakespeare's *As You Like It*

Audience Member Comments: 

Fantastic show. One of those wonderful shows you will never forget. The cast is very talented.

The play was great! I loved the music – now I will not be able to see another Shakespeare play without feeling like the music is essential. Really an outstanding production, so well performed and creative. And do to this in the heat, night after night – just amazing! Lincoln is fortunate to have such talented and dedicated people.

Terrific production tonight, from the entire cast, but especially Megan Higgins as Rosalind / Ganymede and Cale Yates as Orlando.

Congratulations on another awesome play in the parks! You were all wonderful, but let me do a few special shout outs for things that were particularly impressive to me as an actor. Tom Crew (Touchstone), it was excellent to see you on stage again: your comedic talent is always appreciated wherever you appear, and you truly shined here, as well as Judy Thiem (Audrey) alongside you. Kaylee Roach (Woman in Black), on making a more silent character very memorable, a truly formidable task in my opinion. Petrea Whittier (Phebe), on being a wonderful dork that was a delight to watch, and Richard Sibley (Duke Frederick and Duke Senior) on performing two opposing characters with such definitive differences. And, of course, a shout out to the entire cast and crew, including Bob Hall in directing and Steve Buhler as dramaturg, on putting together a delightful production – you're all fabulous!

It was such an awesome surprise to get to see Scott Shomaker (Oliver) perform Shakespeare tonight! Scott did an amazing job (yay LHS) and the show was a wonderful way to spend a summer evening (for free!).

I had a really wonderful time tonight at Flatwater Shakespeare Company's production of As You Like It out at Belmont Park! Andy Dillehay (LeBeau) and Paul Pearson (Adam) were just lovely, as was the entire cast!

Excellent production of As You Like It! Thank you for making Shakespeare so accessible. We love it!

We felt like we were in the forest of Arden!!

The spirited musical stylings of Bret Olson (Amiens) were the “icing on the cake” in Flatwater Shakespeare Company's production of As You Like It.  With the support of a solid group of talented actors, actresses, and production crew, Olson approached Shakespeare's songs with a modern sensibility, achieving superbly balanced melodic interpretations, in tune with the mood each piece required within its scene. He draped colorful cascades of spirited, uplifting, and melancholic attitudes together in his arrangements, exemplified by his rendition of "Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind", from which he also drew key signatures and chord progressions to lace many scene transitions together. Olson cleverly added a musical layer to the audience's experience that left a memorable impression on me and other Flatwater Friends and Followers. I left the show with a memorable melody in mind. Someday, perhaps, I will be able to get "Lover and his Lass" out of my head. Probably not : ) . Great show! 

Many thanks, Lincoln -- we had a glorious time in Arden! 


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