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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kudos to Richard Nielsen!

A recent issue of the Southeast Community College Alumni News offers a “Meet Our Faculty” feature on Flatwater Shakespeare mainstay Richard Nielsen. We are delighted that Dick is receiving some well-deserved recognition in his academic community for his artistic achievements and for his skill in integrating theatrical insights and techniques into effective teaching. Click on the picture or see page 8 of the complete issue:

In the article, Dick mentions the plays that include his favorite roles. Here, we'd like to highlight some of those roles.

2004: Caliban in The Tempest. Vulnerable but still dangerous, Dick's amphibious monster (costume design by Jan Stauffer) could be charming and tender.

2007: The Fool in King Lear. Genuinely funny, as well as brutally honest and touchingly loyal to Lear and to Cordelia.

2009: The title role in Julius Caesar. Charismatic and remote; commanding but petulant.

2015: Polonius in Hamlet. Clinging to authority at court and in his own family – and someone who, we are reminded, once portrayed Julius Caesar on stage.

2016: Antonio in The Merchant of Venice (another title role). A rich, maddening mix of sincere self-sacrifice and smug self-righteousness.

Many thanks, Dick, for your dedicated, insightful, and vital work for FSC and SCC!


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