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Sunday, December 09, 2018

*The Tempest* for Network Television

A charming TV adaptation of *The Tempest* from 1960. 

Directed by George Schaefer, it features Maurice Evans as Prospero and Roddy McDowall as Ariel (who both would later work together in *Planet of the Apes*); Lee Remick appears as Miranda, Tom Poston as Trinculo, and Richard Burton (!) as Caliban. 

Watching the opening exchange between Ariel and Prospero, we finally caught Shakespeare's sly allusion to Puck and Oberon in *Dream*: "made thee no mistakings"! McDowall's Ariel longs for human interaction almost as much as he longs for freedom -- characterizations and themes and situations later explored in Wim Wenders's *Wings of Desire*.


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