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Monday, April 16, 2012

Looking Back at *Angels in America, Part Two*

More Audience Comments:

“I had the pleasure of seeing Angels In America: Perestroika last night, and I'm telling you now, if you do not go see this show, you are seriously missing out. Mary Douglass, Darin Hemmer, Matthew Lukasiewicz, Summer Widhalm, Andy Dillehay, and everyone else in the cast -- you all were just beautiful. Thank you for sharing my most favorite play with Lincoln. You moved me to tears.”

“It was absolutely incredible!”

“There are plays created for entertainment's sake...and then there are plays that entertain but also really examine the one thing we all have in common: Humanity. I prefer the latter. It's the work I prefer to produce and the work I prefer to support. I think this kind of theatre is the consistent medium that makes us feel connected to the strangers sitting in a dark room around us.”

“It was simply amazing . . . love, love, loved it!

“Bob Hall and Company have been doing amazing things with this show and tonight's performance was exceptional. A good, alert, responsive audience -- fearless vulnerability from Summer Widhalm and Matt Lukasiewicz -- utter authority from Elizabeth Govaerts and Mary Douglass -- feral audacity from Richard Nielsen -- wry, rueful introspection from Nathan Weiss -- warm compassion and clear-eyed insight from Darin Hemmer and Andy Dillehay -- along with onstage magic from Thomas Bolin and Mark Bestul, technical magic from Ben Wozniak, transformational wizardry from Paul Pearson, angelic appendages from Richard Imig and Catharine Honeyman, and divine guidance from Michelle Zinke.”

Angels in America was fantastic! Thank you for putting on another wonderful show last night. Memorable!”

Memorable indeed! Blessings -- More Life! -- to everyone who made this experience possible.


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