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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking Back at *Twelfth Night*

More Audience Comments:

I haven't seen comedy done this well since I saw the Capitol Steps in D.C. or Second City in Chicago. I know, I know: they are improv groups. But this season's Twelfth Night is that raucous, l-o-l funny!

My 9 year-old daughter, Isabel, & I went to last night's show. Fantastic! She has been going around the house doing Feste's [Andy Dillehay's] “Wind and the Rain” dance -- and she has the program (with Summer Widhalm's autograph) on her bulletin board. Thanks so much, cast & crew. You put on a great show -- and created a fan for life!

Midsummer evenings are inherently magical, but it takes a special combination of audacity, wit and talent to weave that raw magic into genuine enchantment. You've held me spellbound since Much Ado About Nothing [2002]; since then I've never been surprised that you fashion such keen delights, but I am always amazed when you do. Cheers to enchantment and amazement – and you.

Thank you so much for such an awesome version of my favorite shakespeare play, Twelfth Night, tonight at Irvingdale Park! It was so delightful!

What an amazing show! Talented and lovely ladies, handsome and talented men . . . singing,laughter, a lovely atmosphere -- I had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much everyone, a job well done.

Huzzah Twelfth Night, hurrah Flatwater Shakespeare Company! It was a lovely night and a great performance in a neat venue -- I love the Swan Theater, but I gotta say that “theater in the round” works well too at the Foundation Garden. Thanks to all involved (especially the actors, but also especially the dramaturg; hey, I'm partial)!

The Solstice was a perfect evening for seeing Flatwater Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Foundation Gardens. Thanks, Bob Hall and company for another well-done, entertaining performance!

Saw the show tonight. There really are no words to describe how hysterically funny it is. The whole cast was incredible; the twins were adorable and believable; and the music set the tone beautifully.

I don't think I ever realized how much manic desperation these characters exhibit—all that wit, deployed in defense of sensitive pride. I suppose that's true (and obvious) for many of Shakespeare's characters. But in tonight's performance, those nuances of emotion underneath the humor came through with startling clarity, like a pistol shot, or maybe more like peals of laughter in a quiet room. Fine work by all the actors, and especially Ms. Widhalm [Olivia], Mr. Crew [Sir Toby], Mr. Dillehay [Feste], and Mr. Nielsen [Malvolio]. So very well played!

I saw the show last Thursday, at First Plymouth. It was so good that I had to come back and see it again!

I grew up in this area (Irvingdale), and live here again now. We were so excited that the show was coming to our neighborhood this year and knew that we had to come and see it!

Twelfth Night couldn't have been any more fun : )

The show was really good, and we understood everything. It was hilarious! [Comments from a 13 year-old boy and his 11 year-old sister.]

Flatwater Shakespeare is one of the things that makes Lincoln a good place to live.

PhotoClay Stevens as Sir Andrew, Mike Lee as Fabian, Thomas Crew as Sir Toby, and Richard Nielsen as Malvolio in Flatwater Shakespeare's Twelfth NightPhoto Credit: John Nollendorfs.


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