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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thanks to Lincoln -- Give to Lincoln!

Henry and Bob and Will and Wine was a rousing success! It was so good to see friends old and new, to share food and wine together, and to celebrate Free Shakespeare and Bob Hall's life drawings. We greatly appreciate everyone's support and we pay special tribute to Iron Tail Gallery and Henry's on South for being such great and generous hosts (and to A Novel Idea for additional goodies)!

Don't forget to contribute to Flatwater Shakespeare Company during Give to Lincoln.  The big day happens (and the fund drive ends) this Thursday, May 29.  But you can give online here:
Photo: In the background, Flatwater Shakespeare Company actress Marie Barrett.  In the foreground, FSC board member Bill Bryant, board president Michelle Zinke, board member Chris Maly, and Artistic Director Bob HallPhoto credit: Monica Zinke.


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