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Friday, July 24, 2015

Flatwater Shakespeare Company announces cast list for *Hamlet*


The Flatwater Shakespeare Company is pleased to announce the cast for the fall production of The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, directed by Bob Hall. There were many great auditions, and difficult casting decisions had to be made. Congratulations to those who were cast, and heartfelt thanks to all who tried out for the production. 

Hamlet Cast List (in alphabetical order)
Paden Alexander - Rosencrantz
Sara Broad - Lady in Waiting
Tom Crew - Bernardo/1st Gravedigger
Andy Dillehay - Horatio
Stephen Gaines - Ghost of Hamlet's Father
Emma Gruhl - Ophelia
Dillon Kirby - Murderer/Osric/Priest
Patrick Lambrecht - Claudius
Rachel Lambrecht - Gertrude
Matt Lukasiewicz - Hamlet
Aden Marshall - Francisco/Reynaldo
Walter McDowell, III - Marcellus/King's Body Guard/Sea Captain
Larry Mota - Guildenstern
Richard Nielsen - Polonius
Scott Shomaker - Laertes
Rich Sibley - Player King
Jesse Snider - Boy/Prologue/2nd Gravedigger
Deb Waechter - Lady in Waiting
Natalie Weiss - Player Queen


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