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Monday, June 02, 2014

Take a Bow, Lincoln!

From Michelle Zinke, Chair of the Flatwater Shakespeare Company Board of Directors

Dear Friends:

The Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) has released a list of the total combined donations made to each organization through Give to Lincoln Day (also known as G2LD). The new list reflects online donations made on the G2LD 2014 website and also any offline donations – such as the funds that were raised at the Henry’s on South / Iron Tail Gallery “Will and Wine” event and anything else that was contributed in person at the LCF offices.

Total combined donations to Flatwater Shakespeare Company currently exceed $11,000! This does not include our portion of the $300,000 LCF matching pool or any matching funds affiliated with a given contributor’s workplace.

THANK YOU to all of you who helped to promote the event and, of course, to all those who donated!

A list of the funds – both online and offline – that were raised by each nonprofit can be found on the Give to Lincoln Day website: None of the totals include a portion of the matching funds yet.

Fundraising efforts for Flatwater Shakespeare will continue through the summer as we go on tour with The Comedy of Errors, which opens at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden on June 12. G2LD was a success, but we will still to monitor the level of donations given during the tour as we determine plans for future productions and a return to the Swan Theatre at Wyuka.

In the meantime, however, you have our ongoing and heartfelt thanks!




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