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Friday, June 13, 2014

Let the Hijinks Ensue!

Lincoln Journal Star review by Cindy Conger, June 13, 2014

The Flatwater Shakespeare Company could not have ordered up a more perfect evening to debut its summer production. The Comedy of Errors played to a warm audience and gentle breezes at the Lincoln Community Foundations Gardens Thursday evening.

Director Bob Hall, with the assistance of dramaturg Stephen Buhler, set the Bard's farce in the wild, wild west. In his director's message, Hall "fessed up" to removing some "theeses and thouses." After greeting the audience and asking people to believe that anyone dressed alike was a twin, Hall turned the park over to his troupe and let the hijinks ensue.

Identical twin brothers, long separated along with their identical twin servants, find themselves in the same town. The audience is in on the joke as the townspeople are caught in a slapstick web of mistaken identity.

The twin duos played by Rob Burt and Jeff Tinnean, Andy Dillehay and Richard Eisloeffel, anchored the production. These accomplished actors consistently delivered both humorous lines and physical comedy with precise timing. They were supported by a talented cast with a notable performance from Darin Hemmer as Dr. Pinch.

The set and costumes raised the bar for community productions. Richard Imig, who built the set, and costume designer Kathryn Burton Cover each deserve a standing ovation for their attention to detail and audience experience.

The Comedy of Errors will play in outdoor venues through July 6. While the Flatwater Shakespeare Company may not be able to duplicate the perfect weather enjoyed Thursday, audience members can expect a topnotch production.

Photo: Rob Burt and Jeff Tinnean as the Antipholuses, Emma Gruhl as Luciana, Megan Higgins as Adriana, Andy Dillehay and Richard Eisloeffel as the Dromios.  Photo Credit: Eric Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star.


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