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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Went On at Flatwater Shakespeare's Ides of March Gala!

Sweet Will's sonnets and songs performed by Tupelo Springfield and Vince Learned

In response, members of The Company shaking what they got

A preview of Andrew Fuller's video documentary of Flatwater Shakespeare's 2012 summer tour of Twelfth Night

Brad Boesen, with Jacques' “Seven Ages of Man” speech from As You Like It

Phil Heckman and Brad exhorting all to Brush Up Their Shakespeare

Pippa White's rap/reel/jig about Shakespeare's impact on the English Language

Darin Hemmer vs. Vince in the duel from Cyrano de Bergerac

The Nebraska Girls Shakespeare Company's tribute to W. S.

Maya Naff singing about Romeo, Juliet, and Hamlet (not all in the same song)

Amy Jirsa and Sean Schmeits, with the wooing of Princess Katherine from Henry V

Bret Olsen singing “Take, O Take Those Lips Away” (from Measure for Measure)

Summer Widhalm Lukasiewicz and Matt Lukasiewicz, with the wooing of Lady Anne from Richard III

Stephen A. Gaines, with Prospero's “Our revels now are ended” speech from The Tempest

The Entire Company, with Shakespeare's Insults, Shakespeare's Love Talk, and Feste's final song from Twelfth Night

Thanks to all who participated, all who organized (especially Paula Ray, Bob Hall, and Deb Waechter), all who attended, and all who support Flatwater Shakespeare's free performances in Lincoln's parks!

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(Photo Credit: John Nollendorfs)