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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coming Attraction

The premier reading of Nick's Dream last night went very well. The actors -- Judy Hart (as Paulina and who also served as Producer and Director), Sean Schmeits (as Nick Bottom), Andrea Swartz (as Hero), Larry Mota (as Valentine), Amy Jirsa (as Beatrice), Dick Nielsen (as Antonio), and Brad Boesen (as Proteus) -- were resourceful, convincing, and delightful. Our troubador, Ember Schrag, provided wonderfully evocative songs at the start of scenes, while Playwright and Dramaturg Stephen Buhler provided a musical setting of Sonnet 138 as a placeholder until Ember composes another song.

The audience consisted mostly of Judy Hart's Doane College-Lincoln Introduction to Theater class; it also included local theater luminaries like Connie Dillow. The work-in-progress works remarkably well already. Comments from the audience were appreciative and helpful: look for the finished product to be staged in the Fall and to go on the road.

Flatwater Shakespeare owes Judy Hart and the Angels Company many thanks for making the first reading possible -- and we also owe the actors a great deal for their generous contributions of talent, insight, and creative suggestions to the project.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nick's Dream

Come participate in a new work-in-progress at the Loft at the Mill this Friday, February 23rd, 7:30 p.m. In collaboration with the Angels Theatre Company, the Flatwater Shakespeare Company presents a reading of Nick's Dream, a revisioning of Shakespearean words, characters, and themes. The actors involved are Brad Boesen, Judy Hart, Amy Jirsa, Larry Mota, Dick Nielsen, Sean Schmeits, Andrea Swartz. Original music is by Ember Schrag. Judy Hart is director and producer. Stephen Buhler is playwright and dramaturg.

Audience members are encouraged to take part in discussion immediately following the reading.

After a series of workshop sessions and this reading, the play will be prepared for a full production this fall. The Loft at the Mill is located in Suite 301, 800 P Street, in the Haymarket District of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Shameless Commerce

In anticipation of our new Online Store (opening soon), here's an example of what won't be available from us or our illustrious partner, Poor Yorick --
After-Shakespeare Mints!

Yes, the slogan reads: "My kingdom for a (wintergreen) mint!" Perhaps Richard III might have been able to prove himself a lover (see Act 1, Scene 1, line 28), if only he'd felt more secure about his breath.

Then again, perhaps not.

These particular mints, manufactured by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, were purchased at a famous Shakespeare-centered theater complex on the left coast. They might be the perfect thing after imbibing either Falstaff Lager or PlumpJack Cabernet, Chardonnay, or Merlot.