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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Second Look Back at *Hamlet*

Keene Short, a recent arrival to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's graduate program in Creative Writing, has posted on his blog thoughts on our Hamlet and its location. One central passage:

. . . hearing Shakespeare’s words put to the instrumentation of a cast of strong voices makes it impossible for me not to enjoy those words.

But there's much more to consider in his fine essay, "To Hear Hamlet (In a Cemetery)." Follow the link and enjoy --


Photo: Richard Sibley and Stephen A. Gaines, in their Ghostly garb, before the last performance of Flatwater Shakespeare's Hamlet. Photo Credit: Michelle Zinke.

Monday, October 05, 2015

A First Look Back at *Hamlet*

Audience Comments, continued --

Last weekend, I took two of my sons to see your production of Hamlet. It was so wonderful, I took my other son to see it tonight. I just wanted to share this:
-I have seen several different productions of Hamlet in my life, including one at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. In the Flatwater production, all the players were so good and I have to say that Matthew Lukasiewicz was far and away the best Hamlet I have ever seen. Indescribable!!
-Seeing amazing theatre is a blessing to me and I really mean that. Thank you, Flatwater players, for giving my spirits a MUCH needed lift!

Thank you SO much for your beautiful performance of Hamlet! It brought tears to my eyes, it was so moving! You have a wonderful cast, and I am so thankful that I was able to go. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Thank you Flatwater for an EVEN BETTER performance than last week (I didn't really think that was possible) and for the company's willingness to share with my acting students about the rehearsal process and your work [in a post-show talkback session].
The caliber of your work and your generosity were such gifts to these young actors.
Thank you.

Thank you all for a spectacular performance tonight . . . I was brought to tears and immediately to my feet!

Live theatre, as a rule, is magic. In tonight’s Flatwater Shakespeare production of Hamlet, it was power. This is the best production FSC has ever done, and Matthew Lukasiewicz's Hamlet is the best I’ve ever seen, on stage or screen.

I attended your performance of Hamlet tonight with my fifth grade daughter and I wanted to say THANK YOU for a stunning performance. It was simply wonderful. I've read the play many times (and will be teaching it in a few weeks) but was finding myself reconsidering passages and noticing angles of play that had escaped me before. Everything about it was thoughtful and well executed and I am so proud that you are part of the Lincoln community.

Matthew Lukasiewicz is awesome, absolutely the best Hamlet I've ever seen, and I saw many productions of it in places such as the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC. He did the absolute best job of making the audience understand what was going on in Hamlet's tormented mind. Wonderful job!

I saw the show on Saturday with a group of students and we all loved it! The students are still talking about it . . .

This was my first time seeing one of your productions. You have done a wonderful job with my favorite of Shakespeare's works. I love the intimate nature of the venue. It really adds a lot. I will definitely be back!

Took a friend’s recommendation and went to the newly renovated Swan Theater to watch the Flatwater Shakespeare Company perform Hamlet! Incredible acting. Explosive, emotive, and realistic! So worth attending!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a stereotypical English Lit person who thinks Hamlet is a great work of literature. That being said, I have never seen a version (live or on film) that I thought was any good. However, I just saw an open air performance in Lincoln, Nebraska that was good. Not just good, it was fantastic.

I have never cried at Hamlet -- until tonight. Flatwater Shakespeare's Hamlet is awe inspiring.

Photo: Cast members from Flatwater Shakespeare's Hamlet discuss the production with students from Blue Hill, Nebraska. Actors, from left to right: Sara Broad, Emma Gruhl, Scott Shomaker, Dillon Kirby, Paden Alexander, Matt Lukasiewicz, Rachel Lambrecht, Andy Dillehay. Photo Credit: Summer Lukasiewicz.