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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Support Flatwater Shakespeare during Give to Lincoln!

What your donation to Flatwater Shakespeare Company makes possible!

Emma Gruhl, who appears in Luciana in this summer’s production of The Comedy of Errors, started with Shakespeare in a reverse-gender version with Flatwater Shakespeare Youth in 2006 --


“Last summer, I had the pleasure of being involved in Flatwater Shakespeare Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing directed by Becky Key Boesen. My work with Flatwater Shakespeare began when I was in 6th grade and I was in their youth production of The Comedy of Errors directed by Tom Crew.

“I never had a strong aversion to Shakespeare when I was younger, as some students do, but I also wasn’t drawn to it. Even after The Comedy of Errors, I wasn’t ‘hooked.’ Still, my parents thought it was a beneficial experience for me to have.  So I played Armado in the youth production of Love’s Labor’s Lost the following year.  It was after this production that I began to enjoy Shakespeare’s works more and more. I continued to perform in youth productions for several more years, appearing in Julius Caesar and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

“My passion for Shakespeare and his works grew as the years went on. Steve Buhler, Co-founder and Dramaturg for Flatwater Shakespeare, worked with our youth casts on rhythm and dialect-work while the director, Tom Crew, pushed us to develop connections with each other as actors as well as with the language. A group of us in the youth productions made a habit of going to the Flatwater performances of our mainstage counterparts. I looked forward to these productions every year, and it was always a wish of mine that I would be able to be a part of the mainstage production one day.

“Last year, I was granted that wish when I played Hero in Much Ado About Nothing for Flatwater’s Free Shakespeare tour. I knew it would not be my last year with Flatwater Shakespeare (they couldn’t keep me away if they tried!) and now I’m back where I began, with The Comedy of Errors, this time directed by Bob Hall, Co-founder and Artistic Director of the company.  I can say that each time the process has been magnificent. I have had the opportunity to work with artists who share a passion for the Bard and his plays, just as I do. Performing in the open air space of the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden and other outdoor venues only adds to the experience.

“I hope the company continues to have success in making Shakespeare accessible to the city of Lincoln.”

You know how much Flatwater Shakespeare's productions and educational programs add to Lincoln's quality of life.  You appreciate how our summer programs of Free Shakespeare bring great theater directly to Lincoln's neighborhoods.  Please act on that knowledge and appreciation with your generous support.

All donations will be matched with a proportional share of a $300,000 challenge match pool of funds. The challenge fund is provided by the Lincoln Community Foundation and its partnering sponsors. 

Just follow this link (and many, many thanks if you do!):

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thanks to Lincoln -- Give to Lincoln!

Henry and Bob and Will and Wine was a rousing success! It was so good to see friends old and new, to share food and wine together, and to celebrate Free Shakespeare and Bob Hall's life drawings. We greatly appreciate everyone's support and we pay special tribute to Iron Tail Gallery and Henry's on South for being such great and generous hosts (and to A Novel Idea for additional goodies)!

Don't forget to contribute to Flatwater Shakespeare Company during Give to Lincoln.  The big day happens (and the fund drive ends) this Thursday, May 29.  But you can give online here:

Photo: In the background, Flatwater Shakespeare Company actress Marie Barrett.  In the foreground, FSC board member Bill Bryant, board president Michelle Zinke, board member Chris Maly, and Artistic Director Bob HallPhoto credit: Monica Zinke.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


MAY 22, 5:30-7:30 PM

IRON TAIL GALLERY, 2120 Winthrop Rd., Lincoln

HENRY is the namesake of Henry’s on South ... provider of the evening’s free gourmet appetizers.

BOB is Bob Hall, Flatwater Shakespeare’s Artistic Director, whose visual art will be on display at Iron Tail. Bob will discuss his work at 6:30 p.m.

WILL is, of course, the Bard who penned The Comedy of Errors, this summer’s FLATWATER FREE SHAKESPEARE production in Lincoln parks.

WINE and other fine beverages from Henry’s on South will be available for sale.

If you are unable to attend, please donate to Flatwater Shakespeare on GIVE TO LINCOLN DAY, MAY 29 to support Flatwater Free Shakespeare, whose productions continue to delight longtime fans and share the genius of Shakespeare with diverse new audiences.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Go West, Young Twins!

Cast and Crew for The Comedy of Errors
Flatwater Shakespeare Company
Summer 2014 Lincoln Free Shakespeare Tour
June 12 to July 6

Paden Alexander - Balthasar
Bill Bryant - Mayor Solinus
Rob Burt - Antipholus of Syracuse
Patrick Conley - Marshal
Andy Dillehay - Dromio of Syracuse
Richard Eisloeffel - Dromio of Ephesus
Emma Gruhl - Luciana
Darin Hemmer - Dr. Pinch
Megan Higgins – Adriana
Kristine Kaputska – Courtezan
Dick Nielsen - Egeon
Christian Novotny - Angelo
Margy Ryan - Emilia
Anthony Slattery - Merchant #1 and Troubadour
Judy Thiem - Merchant #2 and Luce
Jeff Tinnean - Antipholus of Ephesus

Director – Bob Hall
Music – Anthony Slattery
Set – Richard Imig
Costumes – Kat Cover
Properties – Alexa Spale
Lights – Richard Schroeder
Stage Manager – Michelle Zinke
Dramaturg – Stephen Buhler

Tour Coordinator – Andy Dillehay
Tour Logistics – Richard Imig

See the poster and previous post for tour dates and venues – more information soon!