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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Last Roundup (and Reflections) for *The Comedy of Errors*




"Thanks so much for your ongoing effort with this wonderful community event. It is one of the highlights of the summer season!"

"What a great job! Two hours of amazing character creation and most of it with the knob turned to 11! God bless you all for pouring your hearts out and sweating buckets in the sweltering heat. Thank you for making the magic happen once again. How lucky we are to have you!"

"Thank you guys so much! I loved it. Wonderful performance tonight."

“Enjoyed the show again at Havelock Park. It was fun to see how the cast has developed the show from when we saw it first on opening night. Congrats to all the Cast and Crew!”

“Excellent Show on Sunday Night at Trago. Marvelous venue. Loved how the trees fit into the whole setting. And tooooooo much fun.”

“James Arthur Vineyards -- what a beautiful setting to enjoy this fantastic production!

“You'll enjoy it. It's a really good show!

"Great evening of Flatwater Shakespeare in the park. Be sure to see this stellar production of The Comedy of Errors before its tour ends. All ages will enjoy -- great job, cast and crew."

“This was an absolutely delightful production and James Arthur Vineyards one of the most picturesque settings. Here's hoping for a vineyard tour next summer!

“It's a great show with a great cast.”

“Thanks for a great time in Woods Park last night! Y'all make Lincoln a little bit better a place to hitch my wagon.”

"Had a great evening with the 9yr old! Per the 9yr old: ‘That was a great show!’"

“Rob Burt is fantastic as is all the cast. Comic timing at its best!

“Had a great evening at James Arthur Vineyards for the Flatwater Shakespeare Company production of The Comedy of Errors.  Thanks to the cast for a wonderful production, especially Emma Gruhl as Luciana!” 

From the Journal Star's Best Bets summary: "Flatwater Shakespeare concludes touring its Bob Hall-directed comedy  . . . Word has it that local actor Andy Dillehay is a scene-stealer whose performance is not to be missed!"

From Andy Dillehay (Dromio of Syracuse): "The Comedy of Errors has been one of my most favoritest [;-)] experiences I've EVER had. It is such a blessing to be a part of this inspiring cast and crew. My heart swells when I think about how fortunate I am to be a part of this charming, delightful, and downright hysterical play."


The Comedy of Errors has been an amazing ride from first read-through to final strike. We are grateful to (and proud of) our actors and crew and creative team, our board members and volunteers and donors, and audiences across and beyond the city of Lincoln. Your talents and support and involvement made this Flatwater FREE Shakespeare tour the most successful ever. We look forward to further adventures with the Bard and with you all!